Soundgrid Studio vs SuperRack- which to use

I have an SQ5 with a waves cards and Impact server and SuperRack and I mostly do live gigs.

Soundgrid Studio came with the Impact Server when I bought it second hand but I have not used it.

I have a studio based recording project coming up. Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vox and Keys. My first thought is to use SuperRack for the project as I know it.
I would apply FX during monitoring but send a post preamp Direct out to my DAW.
To play back I would need to toggle my inputs from the preamps to my DAW at my desk.

My desk has enough I/O for this project and it is simple and I know how to use it.

But a better way would be to use Studio right?

  • Take my inputs from the desk into Studio
  • Have Studio’s routing patch to my Daw
  • Use the desk hardware to play monitor sends from Studio
  • Use StudioRack plugins for monitoring

I can see that Studio is more fully featured than my desk for recording but I wonder how many of those features I will actually need to use?

Would the main benefit of using Studio over my desk for routing be that when I switched from Record to Playback in my DAW that Studio could switch the signal sent to my desk (and headphones) automatically?
So when punching in it switches from Payback to Record during the punch in region… can it do this?

It just seems quite a lot of work to get my head round Studio…
Would love to hear people thoughts please

Andy NZ

IMO I’d stay with SuperRack in this case. You say you know the SQ5 and SuperRack well. I don’t see a huge benefit for Studio here aside from the automatic input/pb toggle.

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Thanks for your reply @TYG
I must admit I don’t understand how you would normally route a recording session with Soundgrid Studio /eMotion ST.
I have read the manual but there is no basic getting started guide for a basic recording session that I can find.
I think that I would

  • Use Soundgrid Studio patch window to patch my mixer to my DAW dry

  • I would put my FX for session monitoring in the Studio channels

  • If I did have FX in the DAW insert sends I would use StudioRack
    But I wonder if this is all wrong and based on the way I would use my mixer and missing the point of Soundgrid Studio features?
    How do you patch the DAW back into the channels for playback? Is that the A | B selector’s role?

Any advice would be much appreciated or if you know of any decent how-to resources?

Thank you
Andy NZ

Actually I found some old videos of eMotion ST mixer from Waves- looks like it may be the same mixer so I will look at those before I ask any more dumb questions…

Hi Andy,

Tech Support can remote in to your system while having you over the phone and make the setup as well guide you in realtime. You can can Contact Technical Support directly through the link and try to coordinate a remote session if that works for you.

Thank you! I will contact support. Appreciated

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