Can i use 0 latency monitoring with out studio rack?

i am using cubase 12

can i use direct monitoring ?

i plan to buy a server or maybe i will convert to rme

soundgrid is amazing but i found the studio rack input and output for me not usefull also i have alot of 3rd party plugin sometimes i dont use any wave plugin
Is there a good reason why I should buy a server?
And why can’t I use Soundgrid Mixer without a server?

I feel I made a big mistake
I do not see that the equipment that I have is not of high quality, rather it is very beautiful, but it is limited in relation to what I want to do

Can we see more improvement in the future in the way of use and new devices without the server, or the possibility of using the server for other things, for example with VSTi or something like that?

The RTL of my latency poses a big problem when using large sessions full of 3rd party vst vsti

For example, can the server be used to improve latency without using StudioRack or using Waves Plugins? Can the server be used to improve Driver power in large sessions in any way?
do u have any plan in the future to make PCie or something to help in latency

in rme pcie i can record with 256 buffer with out freazing any tracks in soundgrid no way

thank u

can any one suggest before i will sell my digigrids i need some one has experience between rme and digigrid

hello i am still want answers from moderator and users
maybe i miss something