Did I purchase the correct gear for DSP offload

Can the Waves Axis Proton v2 SoundGrid Optimized Computer be used as a server? I believe Sweetwater steered me to an (Overkill) item for off-loading processing from my PC’s cpu. This item appears to need a mouse and keyboard to run. Would Waves Proton SoundGrid Server be better?

Hi @thevoicefm,

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Congratulations on your new SG system.

In case you refer to the Proton Duo, which is a dedicated SG server and fully optimized Axis computer all in one piece, then there is no need for an additional server, you have it all in the box and you should be ready for offloading after setting up everything.

If you only have the Axis Proton computer (no server just an optimized Axis) you will require a dedicated SG server if you wish to offload.

A Waves Live Sound representative can guide you through setting everything up, or even remotely connect to your computer and set it up for you if that’s what you wish.

Tech Support can also provide more information and advice on how to better use/set up your SG system.

If you need any further info or assistance please Contact Technical Support and they will gladly reach out.