Studio Rack Crashes Studio One 6 when scanning for VST's

Running Studio One 6 on Mac Mini 2018 OS Ventura. All my waves V14 plugins work fine except for studio rack when scanning for VST’s. I can use studio rack and select Waves plugins, but if I goto scan for VST’s it crashes Studio One 6. It also crashes Logic Pro X and Studio one 5. Other then scanning for VST’s Studio Rack it works fine.

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You will be able to scan for VST3 only using Waves plugins or while trying to load non-Waves plugins into StudioRack.

You can try the following steps to set a proper rescan, if you are still having trouble loading VST3 plugins after following the steps provided please contact our Stellar Tech Team.

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Solved the problem. I opened my VST3 folder and notice a folder within the VST3 folder and deleted it. I then went back into my DAW open StudioRacks and scanned for VST3’s. No Crash it scanned all VST3’s with no problem. It was a Master Mix empty folder that caused the crash. I think when I installed the Master Mix plugin it must have created an empty folder within the VST3 folder.

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