Midi Mapping Waves Plug-Ins for Stereo and Mono


I am going through the laborious process of manually mapping plug-ins to my midi controller. End results are great but there are a few problems with the Waves plugins compared to Logic’s plugins.

For example, mapping only has to be done once for Logic’s EQ and Compressors. Mapping does not need to be redone for mono or stereo. It only has to be done once and will work in both options.

Unfortunately for Waves plugin i.e SSL Channels both the mono and stereo versions have to be mapped separately. Even though one control is used for both mono and stereo. This is incredibly tedious and takes up valuable producing time and extra space in the Controller Assignments window.

Are Waves aware of this? If they are, are they planning on making mapping more efficient?

I realise that some mono plugins double their controls when in stereo but I am referring to plugins that keep the same layout for both stereo and mono.