LIve Show using soundgrid options

Hello Everyone,
I want to utilize my existing hardware and software in my live show. I use backing tracks and live performers combined, and I want to create a nice mix using my Waves plugins. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I cant afford an lv1 yet)
I currently have a waves Soundgrid Impact server, along with a Macbook pro.
(I haven’t purchased a compatible console yet.)

My concept/theory is I could get away with using my daw to run the backing tracks and use my sound card to plug in instruments, and vocals. I would use my Waves affects on the live signal and mix it all using the daw.
Has anyone else tried to do this? Any gotchas I should be aware of?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Joe :slight_smile: thanks for joining our forum!

Note that the SG server alone will not fit a live setup (for plug-ins process in real-time) as it introduces high latency values. For such a setup, it would be best to use a SoundGrid Interface.
You can use the SG Server and SG I/O with SG Studio app which, as you may know, offers an 8 channel version for free.
This SG Setup will work with very short latency, as low as 0.8 ms for live plug-ins processing.
That way, you can mix in your DAW and also play live channels with plug-ins from SG Studio’s eMotion mixer.
Using DigiGrid D interface, for instance, you can create 2 mixes; live PA & Monitors.

Thanks so much for the feedback. Its good to know that I’ve got some viable options. Its amazing what you can do these days. Thanks again. Cheers!

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