SuperRack virtual soundcheck with SQ

Hey guys, this one’s for those using SuperRack with an Allen & Heath SQ! I used to multitrack with the SQ USB Interface even though I already got the Waves Card inside of the console. I currently figuring out how to route this stuff while activly using SuperRack and got into some troubles regarding virtual soundcheck. So I tracked the files over the SoundGrid network, no problems here. But if I wanted to virtual soundcheck with them I need to change the Inputs of the console to I/O Card wich leads to unassigning my insert points in order to prevent feedback (since they use identical I/O ports).

So obviously, for a 32 track record I could just use In/Outs 33-64 for playbacking so my insertpoints would still work, but that leaves no more space for groups and busses to process.

The other point is: even if I bypass all insertpoints for playbacking the signalflow would get changed since the insertpoint of the console is post gate but the I/O source pre gate. So SuperRack would send the audio through the plugin chain and then it would be gated in the console, but thats not the case in live processing where SuperRack “hears” already gated signals.

Anyone else experienced this and a found a solution/workaround? Maybe I’m just missing something?

Thanks in advance, stay healthy!

Hi @maw92,

If I understand your inquiry correctly, when you set up Virtual Playback, you need to get the signal back from the insert return point and not through the input of a channel.
This way you recreate the signal flow of an actual show (and not going through the Input section twice, once when recording the actual player and second time when you get the recorded tracks from your DAW).

If I am not getting you, please elaborate.

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