V11 and Catalina integration for Sound Grid Studio and Studio Rack!

Would be really nice if you finally have these product updated, dear Waves! I have Waves Server, full SoundGrid ecosystem and 50plus plug-ins used for mixing (in Logic Pro X on Mac) and I’m stuck. There’s no reason for update plan for me unless you finally make it! And I bet I’m not the only one!

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Yes You Not The Only One Waves Really Dropped The Ball When It Comes To Studio Rack :frowning_face:

Coming VERY soon peeps!


Yup, It finally came. But…

It was stated clearly that emotion ST gonna handle Waves NX. And it does, but it really doesn’t… NX crashes the server instantly when engaged.

Hi @s.wrona,

Please contact our Support team as soon as you can to look in to this. Indeed it should work.