IOX card with 12 inputs with server restricted by plugin removal of 16ch or more

Greetings, I bought an IOX that has 12 inputs to record my bandmates and my personal projects at home. When I learned patching I decided I wanted to use all 12 channels with realtime plugins to monitor ourselves so I could record ourselves feeling like we were in a recording studio. When I decided to upgrade to Sound Grid Studio 16ch. I see it has been withdrawn from the market. That plugin cost approximately $29.99. Now the option I have is to buy the e-motion LV1 that has a cost of $1,399.00. I would like to know why Waves decided to withdraw the 16, 32 and 64 channel versions from the market and leaves us without the opportunity to fully use a hardware that in total costs around $5,000.00 between interface and server to now force us to buy $1,399.00 of software Al In the beginning, when I did the research, it wasn’t necessary to make this ridiculous investment for something that was accomplished with software that allowed the hardware to be used as it was intended to work. Waves, why did you decide to retire the software, to make more money from us who have already spent thousands of dollars on hardware and software? This is totally unfair. At least sell the license to us who already have the hardware purchased on a date before the discontinuation of the Spundgrid Studio 16ch up software…


I understand your frustration regarding the discontinuation of the SoundGrid Studio 16ch software and the unexpected costs associated with upgrading to the e-motion LV1. It’s disappointing when changes in software availability and pricing impact users who have invested in hardware.

While I can’t speak for Waves’ specific decisions, it’s common for companies to make changes based on various factors, including technological advancements, business strategies, and market demands. Sometimes, these changes can create challenges for existing users who have built their setups around certain software.

Your suggestion of offering a license option for users who already purchased the hardware before the discontinuation could be a reasonable solution to address the situation and support loyal customers.

If you haven’t already, consider reaching out to Waves’ customer support to express your concerns and inquire about any potential options or alternatives. Open communication might provide more clarity on the situation and potential resolutions.

Best regards,