No 3rd party on soundgrid. BS

Ok, I refuse to purchase any more Waves plug-ins until they include non waves plugins (even select) into their Soundgrid system. Be proactive, form partnerships with truely great audio software engineers. I’m sick of Soundgrid in limp mode, being so limited.
I need a good amp sim, waves offerings are no comparison. It would be smart to try get neural dsp on your network.
I know it’s all about how you can earn money, but please back soundgrid, it could bring people who use plugins from elsewhere into getting soundgrid dsp, a waves account and a plugin customer. Push a new market, stop being stagnate.


Hi Luke,

Welcome to Waves Community Forum.

Sorry to hear you feel this way, of course, we respect your decision as a consumer.

Please note: SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, SuperRack, eMotion LV1 v12 (and v11, v10) applications support 64-bit plugins only, and therefore do not currently support any third-party plugins.
SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other manufacturers will be supported in the future, pending the manufacturers’ schedule to develop their plugins in the 64bit SoundGrid format.

V9 SoundGrid applications (SoundGrid Studio, MultiRack, eMotion LV1 and StudioRack) still support all of the plugins listed on this page.


Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah from memory Waves put out the developer kit long ago. Not many were keen enough to pick it up outside of Flux, Sonnox and tiny number of Plugin Alliance.

It’s really the third party developers that dropped the ball there.

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