SoundGrid server with CA3000-MX?

I’m interested in running the CA3000-MX in its mode supporting a Dante network per it’s product page. In this use case, are you limited to running plugins using the available processing power of the host computer, or can you still add a SoundGrid server to run additional plugins?

If an additional SoundGrid server(s) can be used, are there any downsides of which one should be aware.

Hi @kurtmarasco,

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The CA 3000-MX was designed to be used only with the Dante driver and not in a SoundGrid environment.

If you wish to use an SG server with LV1 I would recommend checking the Axis scope computer in addition to the LV1 software where you can add servers.

Thank you, but I have additional technical questions to see if this might be a fit. We are a small organization with some existing infrastructure that we are trying to integrate. I did demo the LV1, though just with a DAW and without any SoundGrid hardware. The ability to customize the UI is a major draw, as we have less technical volunteers who would benefit from the clean custom layer that the LV1 offers.

On the product Page, it indicates:

  • Includes eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo Generator plugins
  • Integrates smoothly with the Dugan Speech automixer plugin
  • Supports integrator addition of Waves plugins

What is the integrator addition of waves plugins? Does that mean that we have to purchase the unit with any additional plugins pre-installed? Can we use Waves plugins that already own?

Hi Kurt,

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You can get in touch with our Live Sound team to explore your options and set up the system as per your requirements. This can be done over the phone: Live Sound Phone +1-865-909-9268 or over email by clicking:Contact Technical Support.

They will be glad to assist and guide you through the process and provide all the relevant information.