Pro Tools 12.3+MBox3+SG Extreme Server


I have:

  • Waves SG extreme Server
  • Win10/64bit
  • Waves 10.0 Plugins
  • Soundgrid Driver
  • eMotion LV1
  • Pro Tools 12.3 HD but with Mbox3 (with ASIO Driver) so it’s NOT in HD Mode!
  1. It seems that in eMotion LV1 it works to connect to my Soundgrid server
  2. When eMotion is running, I can choose in Pro Tools Soundgrid instead of my Avid MBox3
  3. When eMotion is running there’s Sound coming from Protools to eMotion

I can run my Studiorack in Protools and insert some Plugins, but: it’s not possible to switch to “Soundgrid” Processing.

What I’m doing wrong?

When eMotion LV1 is not running, it’s not possible to run Pro Tools with Soundgrid instead of MBox3. It crashes. Please help!



it’s working now with Soundgrid Driver 9.7. But I can load only 14 Stereo Tracks Abbey Road Reverb on my server before CPU overflow. I have a intel Xeon Laptop and it makes 10 Stereo Tracks of this Reverb on local mode. I thought this server has much more power. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @ChrissiXCZ7,

First, while working in a DAW we suggest working with SoundGrid Studio to be able to offload plug-ins CPU onto the SG Server, using StudioRack.

Note that v10 plug-ins and Pro Tools 12 are indeed Officially Supported up to SoundGrid Studio and Studio Rack v9.

While working with a non-SG interface, it is possible to connect the ASIO/Core Audio driver of your interface with the SoundGrid Driver via SG Connect, as shown on this page.

This setup is only supported for mixing/editing due to the latency involved.

To have a full low latency SoundGrid network a SoundGrid Interface should be added.

Lastly, as IR Impulse Reverb such as the Abbey Road Plate Reverb consumes more CPU than other plug-ins, it will be easy to max out the server with multiple instances.

Hope that clears things out :slight_smile:

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