Sound grid crackle

Upgraded to 13 for Nuendo and SG server, now I have crackles and pops. Any ideas?
When SG Native, studio rack runs fine
Not overloading anything
Gets worse and worse as time goes on.
Buffer setting changes don’t help

There are multiple buffer settings. Have you checked both the server buffer and the driver buffer? Crackles and pops could also be a clocking issue or a cabling issue.

Hi Owen,

Welcome to the Waves Forum. To save you the time and trouble I strongly suggest contacting our Tech Support team and letting them remote into your computer to try and pinpoint the issue and solve it.

How do I roll this back to v12? I’ve lost two days of work because of this so far

Are you on Mac or PC?

Mac. I can only guess it’s a problem with the way soundgrid is doing something as it gets worse as time goes on… memory leak maybe?

Tech support is away for the holiday, so I’m pretty ■■■■■. They asked for a ■■■■ ton of data, but offered no suggestions other than increase buffer size blah blah. Trust us Waves Techs, if we got the system working in the first place, then we know how to troubleshoot normal issues.

We need to know what you guys changed and how to uninstall SG 13 and go back to 12 for now.

In Waves Central, click the settings icon, choose everything in the uninstall menu and click uninstall. Restart and go to the Waves download page, scroll down to Legacy Versions and click download on version 12.

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I also have problems with strange popping and crackling noise MY Windows 11 i make The Waves SoundGrid is the main sound system for Windows
When any alerts appear from Windows, it appears with a distorted and annoying sound also when i make test in windows settings for output device the test sound like a digital problem

When i run Kontakt Standalone it also appears CPU LOAD ABOUT 10% i tried change the buffer no diffrence The problem with Kontakt was ongoing I wiped all the waves and cleaned the device and then installed everything again and it is also the same problem In a very annoying way
also some time in The Cubase Crackling sound when i monitor Via Headphone

The strange thing is that I added ASIO Driver in the SG Connect and the problem is gone?
Now I have deleted ASIO from sg connect , there is no problem :grinning: with the sound and the sound is very clean from my windows and kontakt

Even Waves customer service Honestly, they are very respectful and professional they entered my device through TeamViewer and told me that everything was fine

Unfortunately, at the time they entered my device, there was no problem. The problem was repeated a lot. It comes and disappears. please working on more tests and improving your DRIVERS . OR Hardware Frimware

Hi @ehabmxd

I am glad that you were able to resolve the issue, however, the solution is a bit strange.

From looking at the screenshot you add, I see that you are running with two I/O devices, D and IOX.
Make sure that the IOX is the master clock.

And if you want us to further investigate, feel welcome to contact our Tech Support team

Have a good day :slight_smile:

hello shay thanx for reply yeahh my iox is the master
I always email them and inform them about the changes because the problem goes away and comes back again