Soundgrid Studio doesn’t connect to local computer

Hi after a long time I updated my Soundgrig system from v9 to v10. The system consists of 2 IOC, impact server connected to a Mac running High Sierra.

Soundgrid studio is the central piece of the studio.
In the setup page I can see that both interfaces and the server are connected but local DAW isn’t available. In other words Rack B-Software IO is empty, no driver available.

I’ve erased everything an reinstalled and the situation is the same.

Can it be that two drivers are present?
Any suggestions?

Hi Yamil R. Martinez,

Sounds like the SoundGrid Driver is either:

  1. Not installed, or
  2. Not configured

See if you have an application called SoundGrid Control Panel in the following folder:
Applications > Waves > SoundGrid and launch the application named SoundGrid Driver Control Panel.

In this application,
See if the correct Ethernet adapter for your system has been selected - That should resolve the issue.

In case the application is not available, Please access:
Applications > Waves > SoundGrid and launch the Installer file…

Once that installation has completed,
Perform the previous steps to configure your SG Driver to the right Ethernet adapter.

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Thanks for the response. The driver Is there with the correct Ethernet port, same one selected on Soundgrid Studio.

Im thinking of a conflict on a V9 driver with V10. The driver is installed but I thing that I installed both versions.

Hi Yamil,

This indeed could be the issue -
For SoundGrid Studio, a v9 SoundGrid Driver is required…

If the SG Control Panel app is showing v10.x.x.x,
That means you’ll have to uninstall V10 drivers by re-installing the v9 driver:

Access Applications > Waves > SoundGrid > Utilities in order to launch them both,
Start by firing up the v10 version to uninstall it, then launch the v9 installer to ensure it is installed.

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