SoundGrid with MOTU Digital Performer on WIndows Crashes

Anyone use DP on windows with Soundgrid?
Whenever I set Soundgrid as the asio source in DP my computer Blue Screens.

Is it just me? Other DAWS seem to work fine.
I put a ticket in with MOTU, but they seem stumped and haven’t updated the ticket in over a month.

Hi @manfriday :slight_smile:

There are various factors that should be considered in this case, such as the version of Digital Performer in use, the version of the SoundGrid driver, the operating system etc.

You can consider re-installing the SoundGrid Driver or the SoundGrid application, but is seems like this issue will require a further investigation and troubleshooting by Waves Technical Support team.

Feel free to contact them and they will gladly assist you with sorting it out.

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