Sound Grid studio caution

hi again guys,
I noticed an issue with SG Studio that I wanted to post here.

When using a SGS system be very careful when approaching the upper limits of dsp usage. You may be able to hear audio passing through when mixing but be aware when bouncing to disk (I’m talking 'Tools here) you may find that audio from a track has dropped out.

I had this experience a little while ago and it was rather unnerving.

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One of the issues that allows that to happen is the rather vague metering system that tells you how much dsp is being used.

Hey :smile: If you’re using Pro Tools 11 and up, you can perform Offline Bouncing.
Just make sure to move all your StudioRacks to Local (Orange, native processing)

In some respects a good solution but I’m always suspicious :slight_smile: I like hearing what’s being bounced.

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Got it. Then you can also run a cancellation test using the two method’s output files.