SG Studio routing and Digigrid D

I’ve got a Digigrid D interface (latest firmware) + the latest Soundgrid Studio installed on my Windows 10 PC.

I’ve been using the interface to shuttle audio to and from my DAW, and for that, it’s great. As for Soundgrid Studio, it appears to do little more than provide Soundgrid host/device configuration and DAW-to-device routing.

Other than that, the SG studio mixer does nothing, right?

I say this because I can’t route the mic or line inputs through the Soundgrid mixer, meaning while I can route the Digigrid inputs to mixer channels, and the main mixer output to the Digigrid output, I don’t hear anything nor is there any meters lighting up on any of the Soundgrid mixer channels.

Also, when I use auto config, there’s an emoST control room channel presented as an option for ASIO output, which is then routed to the Main 1-2 outs on the Digigrid. But again, setting my audio software to output to this channel results in no sound.

So it seems that SG Studio cannot act as a software audio mixer in this simplest of configurations. In other words, a DAW HAS to be in the loop, and even then, the Digigrid device expects to route through ASIO (or Core Audio)… with no software mixing involved.

Is this the expected behavior?

If you dont have a DSP server.

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Ok got it. Thank you.

Hi @johnchop and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Indeed, in order to be able to use the Mixer section of SoundGrid Studio, a SoundGrid Server is required in the setup.

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