DigiGrid IOX Loopback Setup

Greetings. How do I set up a loopback with my DigiGrid IOX? Basically, as I have done with a prior audio interface, I need the ability to listen back to externally streamed audio (e.g., the audio in a YouTube video). Thank you.

Hi @aspsa,

Any SoundGrid interface along with SoundGrid Studio or LV1 Mixers could integrate streamed audio using the SG Driver.

Simply select the Waves SoundGrid driver to be the audio driver of the computer running the audio stream.

Then, assigned driver channels 1-2 to a stereo channel in a SoundGrid Application Mixer (ie SoundGrid Studio Mixer, LV1).

Note that in order to work with those digital mixers, a SoundGrid server must be a part of the setup.

Also, note that you can patch channels from your DAW to the mixer using the SG Driver, as well as physical connections from your IOX.

If running the stream and DAW using the same computer, make sure to avoid using the 1-2 driver channels in your DAW.

All that said, note that without a SoundGrid server you can still patch the same SG Driver channels directly to the IOX outputs, using any SoundGrid application’s Patch > Device to device.

For more information on SG driver, SG apps and DAW, please refer to this link or contact our beloved Tech Support team to assist with this.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. Yes, I happened to have contacted Waves tech support, and the tech support person effectively stated what you said. However, he also confirmed that the DiGiGrid IOX audio interface does not have loopback capability and, if such capability were to be supported in the future, it would be done so via a firmware update.

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