Route audio from Mac into Logic

Has anyone been successful in routing the output of their Mac into Logic via SoundGrid Studio/eMotion Mixer? The video “Connecting The Modern Studio With Waves SoundGrid” shows it happening at 11:56, but doesn’t describe the proper routing to get it done. I’ve been looking around in different user guides and tutorials but haven’t found a clear answer using this version of SGS. Anyone have any insight? I’m using a 2018 MacBook Pro with DiGiGrid D interface. I’m running SGS 11.0.63 and Logic Pro 10.5, along with the latest DiGiGrid and SoundGrid drivers.

Hi Josh,

Besides selecting the Waves Soundgrid driver, as shown in the video, you also need to patch it according to your needs in the Patch > Device to Device section of the SoundGrid Studio application.
Its best if you contact Waves Tech Support for further assistance with setting it up for you.