SoundGrid Studio mixer integration with Cubase

New digigrid user here, so sorry in advance if question seems lame :wink:
Is there any typical configuration method for SG Studio mixer to have similar workflow during tracking sessions as you usually have with Cubase Control Room?
The idea is to have possibility to route on the fly any track in the daw to required monitor bus, having possibility to have that track on monitoring line during playback or recording.
It is really great to have 16 monitor mixes on faders (instead of 4 cue mixes on sliders in cubase), but workflow and routing so far are unclear.

win 10, cubase 11 pro, a few iox’es, server

I think You are talkin about studio rack (on dsp server)
But , As you says , It need more features to have perfect integration
now is a liitle bit lack.

But what you want to do is possible even now

One unclear thing - when sending studio rack channel (in the mixer) to aux or mon bus, it opened only while recording or on stop. On playback it is muted in aux or mon buses… so if you want to show artist in the live room what he just recorded, you have to make additional rooting for that channel (studio rack insert in daw is not enough)…

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