Scheps Omni version 1 and 2


I had a problem to find Sheps Omni Channel 2. Now I have found it, but since I can’t find the 1st version. I paid $13 to uograde it, but now it is no longer in my products in Waves homepage and either in Waves Central.

What is the problem? Anyone?


Hi @kppoykko,

Upgrading a product to a newer version will replace the previous older license/plugin version.

So it is normal you are seeing only the new updated Scheps Omnichannel V2.

When the new Omni replaces the old, does it automatically transition V1 to V2 instances in a project complete with settings??

Because that should be a thing just so it doesn’t break anyone’s projects when they update.

Hi @simon.a.billington,

The transition should be automatic and replace SOC 1 with the new updated version all settings should transmit as saved on SOC1.

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That’s what I would have figured. That’s the smart way of going about it since Omni 2 is capable of doing everything V1 did, but more.

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This is a massive problem. I was dumb enough to click on “upgrade” in my Waves Central and now none of my projects load because Scheps Omni Channel v1 no longer exists and there is no way to roll back. I don’t even want v2 anymore… just give me v1 back so all of my projects from the past 5 years will load properly! This is a nightmare.

Well if you read above it seems that V2 should load in place of V1 with settings intact. You just need to have v2 installed.

At least, thats what @Adi.Waves is saying.

Indeed, and if that is not the case as I suggested before please Contact Technical Support they will do the work for you.

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Thank you, but that wasn’t the case for me. I was able to re-install Scheps Omni Channel (v1) using the off-line installer for v14 (however my Key Finder plugin no longer loads as it was part of an update to v14) and I’ve gotten my Scheps Omni Channel (v1) back and my projects load (sans Key Finder, but that was less important). If you’re saying that when (if) I press the “Update” button in my Waves Central to become “current” on v14 (now with a v14 fresh re-install) that Scheps Omni Channel v2 should load properly in place of v1 in my projects? I guess I can try upgrading again to see if that is the expected behavior seeing I should just be able to re-re-install a fresh v14 offline to get back to Scheps Omni Channel (v1) if it breaks my projects again. However, the reason this was a problem for me in the first place is because Scheps Omni Channel v2 did NOT load in place of Scheps Omni Channel in all of my projects.

Just wanted to post an update, that finally I was able to get a clean/upgraded install of Waves v14 and my plugins finally all load properly in place where they should in my project files. Scheps Omni Channel v2 loads in place of v1 fine now.

If anyone else runs into this issue. You’ll have to uninstall all of your Waves plugins, wipe any reference of Waves or WavesShell from your DAWs plugin list (I use Reaper so they are contained in a couple of VST.ini files), then re-install a fresh v14 install of your plugins and the upgrade/update. Then re-open your DAW and let it scan all of the Waves Plugins from scratch. Then it should hopefully load properly. Took me a few hours to figure this all out and fix it.


Thankfully it all worked out for you man.

I do think it a bit bizarre that you had to jump through all these hoops to get it working. I’d wager a guess and say that it might have been uncommon because I’m sure we would have come across many more people with the same issue.

Hopefully it’s all smooth sailing for you from here on.