How to install a V.13 plugin as V 12?

Hi I have licens for Scheps Omni V.13 But V.13 does not work so I Installed all plugins as V.12
But I can only see my OMNI V.13 wich is licensed but can not install it as V.12…
Help is appriciated…

Hi Micke,

Please note that Waves licenses are backward compatible and will activate older plug-in installations.
In your case, the V13 license will activate V12 plug-in installations.

To summarize it your licenses should be V13 and you should install the plug-in in V12, to test if everything is working fine load your DAW and check if you are able to load SOC :slight_smile:

In case it is not working feel free to contact our super-duper Tech Support department.

Thanks I have solved it

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