New ⚡ The Perfect Channel Strip. Now Expanded with New Features

The Perfect Channel Strip–Now EXPANDED with Exciting New Features
NEW Plugin Update! Introducing Scheps Omni Channel 2
The Perfect Channel Strip
Now EXPANDED with New Features

NEW! “Crush” preamp saturation added for heavy distortion

NEW! 24dB/octave filters with serious resonance for creative effects

NEW! Soft-knee compressor added to the plugin’s VCA, FET & OPT

NEW! Host VST3 plugins by any brand in the Omni’s insert slot

The original Omni Channel was my dream for a plugin: Everything I like to use in every mix—all my favorite compression, EQ and saturation flavors—in one window. We’ve now expanded it to really push the envelope on what you can do. I am very excited to present Scheps Omni Channel 2, with more creative processing options that take this plugin into new sonic territory.

Andrew Scheps
Metallica, Jay Z, Adele, Low Roar

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Scheps Omni Channel 2

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so there is no upgrade ? Do we have to buy it as a new plugin ?

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If you already own Scheps Omni Channel v14 (as a single plugin or in the Mercury, Pro Show, or SD7 Pro Show bundles), or have current Waves Update Plan coverage for the plugin or the relevant bundle, you can get Scheps Omni Channel 2 FREE when you update your plugin or bundle license here.

If you need to renew your Waves Update Plan, you can renew it here.

The ability to use any VST3 plugin for the insert doesn’t appear to be true if you’re using SuperRack or LV1. Is this a bug or is this by design?

Hi @houghton.cb,

VST3 plugins are not supported in a SoundGrid processing environment.

It’s July 2023 and I cannot even install this plugin if I do not install Rosetta for runtime code emulation.

And yet it moves – Galileo Galilei

I’ve tried installing this plug, upgraded from previous version, for Studio One. I keep getting that the plug is missing, no matter what I do, yet Waves Central says it’s installed & activated. V1 worked fine. And Waves Central keeps telling me to close Studio One, when it has been closed for 1/2 hour!

Hi @rcbell09,

I see you are already in touch with our Tech Team who have offered some steps to try and solve the issue.

Let us know how it went.

Love the changes and new creative possibilities! I’m in Pro Tools and noticed the new resonance knobs for the HPF and LPF modules are not mappable to control surfaces. Is it possible that is an oversight or intentional?

So waves has effectively replaced the original version with marginal “upgrades” & have yet to update the user manual?? Why the complete overhaul of v1? I don’t understand why waves wouldn’t allow customers the opportunity to choose which version of the channel strip they prefer.

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After following the suggested procedure, it still is not showing up. And the V1 Omni is gone!

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Hi @rcbell09,

Let us know how it went were you able to get that solved with the help of Tech Support?

Yes! All is well, with help from Noam.


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Well my guess is the upgrade expands on the existing functionality. Meaning you can still get 100% of the functionality and character of the original… plus the ability to go beyond that.

You don’t have to use the new features, you can keep rocking it like you were originally and still get what you expect out of it. Personally I plan to exploit the new features for more refined tonal sculpting.