V11 Scheps Omni Channel crashes Logic/Catalina on 'save-as'

Just spent the best part of 2 days trying to solve why my Logic project was crashing during ‘save as’ (but not ‘save’). - Logic 10.6, Catalina, Mac Book Pro 16"

Turns out upgrading Scheps Omni Channel to v12 from v11 sorted it.

Just posting here to try and save someone else from the huge waste of time and frustration! :slight_smile:


That’s a good tip. Sounds like a really odd bug though.

Was it an older project you were trying to “Save” or was it trying to save new “instances” of Omni??

Hi :slight_smile: note that only v12 plug-ins are supported in Logic 10.6. For future reference, it would be best contacting Waves tech support or possibly call-in and get immediate assistance.

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Oh!! that explains why I haven’t run into that.

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