Scene Crossfade Times For LV1

I’d love to see the option to set crossfade times for scoped parameters in scenes like fader position, panning, send levels, etc.

This is a standard feature on so many other consoles and I’d love to see it implemented on LV1.

I work primarily in the church production world and there are so many instances where this would be beneficial. Since we’re often mixing for multiple destinations (front of house mix/monitor mixes/livestream mixes) simultaneously from the same console, the level of complexity necessitates snapshots…but they’re not really useful when the transition is immediate.

This feature would be an absolute game-changer for many people in the live sound industry and I’d love to see it soon in a future update.


Yes! This would turn LV1 from a non-option to a no-brainer for many situations! Even if the fade doesn’t apply to every parameter. A scene fade that only applies to fader levels would suffice for a lot of situations!


Totally agree with the snapshot crossfades for fader position. All of my shows have at minimum a dozen fader position and mute state scoped snapshots for 60 minutes of content. The scenes on LV1 are basically useless for us since transitions between bands, playback, and talking heads need a smooth crossfade. It’s honestly the one thing holding me back from replacing our remaining Profile systems with LV1.

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You’re not alone there. It’s the one thing that would prevent me from replacing my existing LV1 rig with something vastly more expensive. I saw a comment on Facebook forever ago that Waves was about to roll this feature out. But still nothing. It would literally take LV1 from unusable for certain things to nearly perfect.

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Right. I could finally take my Profile systems out of service. It’s just baffling that systems introduced in 2005 had these features but the LV1 doesn’t.

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You’re right! I mean, even the Yamaha DM series and 02R had scene fading. And that was in 2001!

Waves, please hear us on this.


We still want this… like, REALLY badly. Any updates on this feature, Waves?


fade times on scenes this would be awesome. I am surprised that they haven’t released a " T" version for theatre that let you do interesting thing with scenes and lets the matrix buss be more configable.


Agreed. It would be perfect for theater or house of worship markets or frankly anyone with a show that has different sections.

It’s still crazy to me that we don’t have this yet. It’s been over a year and so many people have been asking for it.


This should be the #1 priority 100%

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I am about to replace my Venue Profile and highly considered the LV1 system but the lack of snapshot cross fade is a deal breaker for me. I am big on using this feature which allows us audio guys to mix proactively instead of reactively. This is a must have feature that should be a standard on all professional consoles. CW

Yep, it’s really unfortunate that they haven’t been able to do crossfades yet. I came from a Venue system as well and the snapshots/scenes workflow was pretty integral to the way I mixed. I’m honestly shocked there’s not any movement on this feature request yet!

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This is a huge need!! Please add scene cross fades and deeper automation

Scene crossfades is an absolute MUST!! And it needs to be both selectable and adjustable per parameter.

One other snapshot feature that I miss here compared to digico is the ability to update an individual parameter in a scene without having to overwrite the entire scene. On digico, you can select “edit range”, select a target scene or scenes, and then adjust individual parameters and those parameters are the only ones that get updated. A critical way to make rapid and fine adjustments to a scene without having to change the “starting place” of a scene!

do we have any news from Waves? can we with crossfade time?

Just adding my voice to this. We badly need crossfades for fader positions. Plug-in crossfade would be great, but not mission critical for most. Faders… yes.

Agreed. We don’t necessarily NEED plugin crossfades to function, but at this point it feels almost negligent to not have simple fader crossfades.