Scene Crossfade Times For LV1

I’d love to see the option to set crossfade times for scoped parameters in scenes like fader position, panning, send levels, etc.

This is a standard feature on so many other consoles and I’d love to see it implemented on LV1.

I work primarily in the church production world and there are so many instances where this would be beneficial. Since we’re often mixing for multiple destinations (front of house mix/monitor mixes/livestream mixes) simultaneously from the same console, the level of complexity necessitates snapshots…but they’re not really useful when the transition is immediate.

This feature would be an absolute game-changer for many people in the live sound industry and I’d love to see it soon in a future update.


Yes! This would turn LV1 from a non-option to a no-brainer for many situations! Even if the fade doesn’t apply to every parameter. A scene fade that only applies to fader levels would suffice for a lot of situations!

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