Scene Fading - Even if just for fader levels

I realize this has been requested before, but I wanted to further undergird the request for scene fading of any type. I realize there’s a lot that goes into it; making every parameter of every plugin fade seamlessly would be a huge undertaking.

However, that wouldn’t be necessary for most situations. Just the ability to crossfade fader values would bring a lot of functionality. Everything else snapping to the next scene’s value is totally fine for many workflows. But a fader value snapping from one level to another totally undermines how great the rest of the scene functionality works. It’s weird that you can pay a fraction of the price to get a Yamaha TF that does scene fading decently well, but something as pricey as LV1 can be for the same input count (including I/O, network bridging if needed, etc) doesn’t have the capability. Hopefully this helps!

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