Scene Crossfade Times For LV1

Yes please!!! We need this

Has there been any update on a crossfade feature? What makes this a difficult feature to have on the LV1, if I could at least get an explanation as to why in the past 4 years with the amount of people requesting this has it not been done by Waves??

Silence from Waves unfortunately :confused:
I’d really love to at least hear some sort of explanation about what’s going on and if this is just impossible for some reason, or if they just don’t have the resources or something.

It’s become very frustrating to have so many people asking for so long with no updates or insight on what’s going on.

Crossfade times seem to be missing in SuperRack and SoundGrid Rack for Venue as well. This would help greatly in those products too!

Just adding an agreement here. Im using Lv1 on a touring show and it’s great. However, I’m also currently looking to update the FOH/mons/broadcast consoles in our church at the moment and would love to go all LV1, but the lack of cross fade is kind of a dealbreaker.
Any chance you’re there waves?

+1 Yep, really needed.