Waves Tune Real-Time vibrato

Hi guys,

Not here to promote other products or whatsoever, I love the Waves Tune plugin. However, I am looking for a feature that I haven’t found in Waves Tune yet. It’s the artificial vibrato effect. You either hate it or love it, I personally love a little over the top vibrato :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a video demonstration of it (sorry can’t post links yet):

If anyone knows how to achieve this with Waves Tune Real-Time that would be awesome! Thanks

I don’t know if RT has a Vibrato tool. If it’s not present there’s a very good chance that it might actually induce latency, making it unusable for Real Time.

Although, someone may correct me on that.

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Thanks @simon.a.billington

Perhaps any other Waves plugin that can simulate this? Imo, this is such a vital feature in vocal processing these days.

In real time, quite possibly the Ovox, hopefully it won’t won’t too synthetic. Or if you want to process it after the fact try the standard version of WavesTune.

I have the opposite problem, too much vibrato at times. A bit hard to control.

Yeah I don’t want it realtime, post-process would be ideal. I’ll try out the standard version of WavesTune. Thanks!

@dennis hi :slight_smile: Waves Tune (full version) offers great control over the Vibrato section, while Waves Tune Real-Time offers a more natural-sounding vibrato.
Feel free to check out a demo!

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