StudioRack issue in LogicProX

I must say that the new Soundgrid and StudioRack have been worth the wait!

I do have an issue with it in Logic Pro X. For some reason, when I change the “Switch to SG”, my plugins are no longer seen. They are Italic and and mute.
What am I doing wrong? Works fine in ProTools.


Hey @mattrixx,

What version of Logic are you running? (StudioRack and waves plugins are not yet supported in Logic 10.5? Could that be the issue?)

I suggest you contact our support team to look in to this. That will get you the quickest answers.

Mmm, that would be the case. I am using 10.5

Interesting however, is that it all works just fine, unless I attempt to use my SG server.

As it is not qualified or supported yet in Logic 10.5, i cannot offer any insight on this at the moment. I know Logic changed some things with the AU format with 10.5 - we are working to qualify it.


All good. I don’t often need the server in Logic, as it’s so efficient anyway.

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Hi There…

I am seeing the exact same behaviour in Presonus Studio One running on Catalina.



Please contact our Support team as soon as you can to look in to this. Indeed it should work in Studio One Professional 4 (VST3).



Just want to report, that I am able to offload processing via Studiorack to my SG Server in Logic Pro X 10.5.1 Not sure what changed, but it is working.

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Actually I don’t know if Logic did change anything in 10,5 concerning the plugins. I so have StudioRack functioning fine.

Have you updated your Waves plugins, though, as they need updating to function in StudioRack. How about your SG Drivers as I don’t have Grid so I can’t comment on Logic compatibility there.

I didn’t update anything other than Logic to 10.5.1. Anyway, all working fine.

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Glad to her it got sorted.

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