Plugins on 4K Monitor

Using Waves plugins V12 on Vegas Pro 18. GPU was Radeon RX570 with a 4K monitor on Display Port and a 2K monitor on HDMI. Other than the fact that the plugins themselves are small and difficult to use, they functioned OK.

Recently changed GPU to a Geforce GTX 1660 Ti. Same setup with the monitors described above. Now, the audio simply will not play on the 4K monitor. The playback cursor disappears, the audio skips then stops completely.

Found one workaround, though. On Vegas, you can undock the plugins window. I dragged it to the 2K monitor, and it works fine. Go figure.

Sure hope Waves gets the product to work on 4K.

Hi @billfike

Welcome to Waves Forum.

First, please note that Vegas is not officially supported by Waves’ latest software version.
The last officially supported version of Waves to support Vegas is Waves V9.6.

In any case, you can refer to our Waves Plugins on 4K Displays article to find some more information.

*Waves V12 plugins can be resized.

If you encounter this issue on one of the V12 Supported Hosts, I suggest contacting the Waves Tech Support team to further investigate.