Plugin Scaling on 4K displays

Is it possible for WAVES v11 plugins to scale correctly on 4K displays in Windows 10?

When I launch waves plugins on my screen the plugins are almost unusable because they launch so small.


You have that problem too?
I’ve been looking everywhere to try and find a fix for it, but apparently it has to do with Windows 10. “Legacy” Softwares aren’t compatible unless Waves makes a version for Windows 10. This is incredibly disappointing as it renders all of my plugins useless.

One work around you can do is use the windows key and + and windows key and - to zoom in and out while working. I did that for a session today.

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Oh, that’s a good idea!!

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Turns out that doesn’t work well when using Waves Tune :neutral_face:

Hi @charlienothing @savesomeforme :slight_smile:

Did you have the chance to try this article?