4K GUI support for Windows PC's!

I was working 6 years on an old macbook pro without any problems like this. I built for myself a monster future-proof PC with two 4K displays and only plugins from WAVES do not scale properly with 4K resolution which is very frustrating for me. MAC users do not have this problem so why there isn’t support for Windows for such an obvious thing for a long time already. I am a long time user of WAVES plugins and I really think I can demand such a generic feature.
(When I say “do not scale properly” I also mean they are completely inoperable)
Hope to see some answers and discussion here!

Thank you so much in advance.


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+1 on this one! It’s 2020, the plugins should really be scalable. I’m also a long time waves user, having a 4K dislpay and it’s not working with tiny Waves plugins that also are inoperable if I’m using any zoom in WIndows.

@Mucha To make the plugins operable I’ve found that it works with Windows scaling at 100%. However, that’s not the long term solution @waves. I’m sometimes working on a 65" 4K display. The plugins are TINY. Please fix and make them scalable.

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Is it possible to scale the Waves plugins but NOT Windows itself? I have a large monitor so I like 4k at 100% standard size.

I need my Waves plugins at 200% while Windows is 100%. I don’t care if it’s blurry or pixelated, but I struggle without the scale.

+1 on this request. Many Waves plugins are very small in 4k, even new ones like AR Mastering channel.

I use mainly Waves plugins, so this would make a big difference to me.


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The wait is finally over! V12 is out with resizable plugin GUI’s!


More info here!

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Why aren’t the graphical assets adapted to the scaling? 200% looks distorted. Would expect crisp graphics even in the scaled version in 2020…

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Same here. I’m working on a retina imac wich supports Metal and the GUI is very blurry:/

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