Plug-Ins GUI Upside Down

I’ve just purchased 3 plug-ins and as I’m loading them into Pro Tools 12 they are flipped upside down! The other plug-ins I purchased some time ago are perfectly fine. When I use them in the studio rack they are fine. When they are on an insert they are flipped.
As you can see here

Anyone else have this issue? Any fixes or recommendations

Specs: OS 10.14.6
Pro Tools 12.4.0
Waves Central 12.0.8
V12 plug-ins

Hi @mike_rapps

Welcome to Waves Forum,

This is most likely since you are using a version of Pro Tools which is not supported with Waves V12 (as mentioned here).

I suggest that you roll back to V10, which is officially supported on your system,
although V11 may work fine as well.

You are more than welcome to contact our Support team if further assistance is needed.

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