Plugin Meter Vs Channet Meter Issue

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here it is my 1st topic, and I hope to don’t mess anything!
What I’m concerned about is a strange behaviour from some Waves Plugins, like C1 family, that I really can’t figure it out, since long time.
During some regular use of C1 Compressor, it seems like sometime the audio level in the plugin’s meter does’t match at all with the Channel’s Meter. If I have some audio material passing through the channel, what I read is: -4/-5 dB, on the channel’s meter that "magically drops out to -10/-11 dB, on the c1 meter (the blue one).
I had suffered this so much that for that reason that I forced myself to make an Hard Reset of my O.S. but unfortunately I’m reading once again those levels divergences!

Please someone Help me out before I’ll blow out my Pc! ;D
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Hi there @gabroo,

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Not sure which DAW you are using, but it makes sense if the DAW’s meters display average level, such as RMS, while the C1 output meter is a peak meter.
As stated in the C1 manual:

Output metering: stereo peak-reading bar meters 0 to -30 dB, also indicating maximum level and number of clips (in +C1).

If I am not understanding you, please contact tech support with more details about your specific system and they can check if this is by design or something that can be explained or fixed.

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Hello Yishai, nice to meet yu.
First of all, thanks for your replay. Then, I forgot to mention I work with Pro Tools, last release.
I got what you’re trying to say, and it sounds quite interesting, since I never had thought about that. In fact to let the two meters works on the same scale, the daw’s meter should be set to the same Plugin parameter scale! Assuming one knows which meter type, Plugins are made with!
I can say that because another intresting fact desumed from the “Control Level” Manual’s Section is that: the “blue Meter” is the “Sidechain Signal Level”, that control the dynamic processor. Perhaps this definition does not help us.
Beside, I still have some doubts.
Even if I deactivate the plugin I never read the value it report (on Its Input Meter), on the channel meter: in facts what really happen seems to be that the audio level from the Channel Input usually is higher, than it drops few dBs, down (when you read on the Plugin “blue meter” you can notice that) than from the plugin Output you can read the level that finally matches with the Channel Meter, eventually after make-ups and regulations!
For that reason is not possible to read on Plugin’s Input meter, peaks that are lower than Channel. It should be correct on Plugin’s Output meter, indeed.
That behaviour happen even with the plugin in Full reset mode.
Its like the Plugins make an invisible make up gain, or better to say, before you make any changes the audio make-down itself.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation, wish you good day! :love_you_gesture:

I figured out something.
I never noticed that the word “Sidechain signal level” was that important.
And it was as long as the Blue meter is positioned right after the Processors parameters. This inplicate that the volume level will changes as we made “attack” or “release” changes, as well!
But still remain the doubt, about why the volume drops even with the plug in in full reset mode, without any changes!

Hi @gabroo,

Please contact tech support with more details about your specific system and they can look in to this.

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