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Would be really appreciated if someone will take the time to help me :blush::pray:t2::pray:t2:Im mastering a Piano cover and Im trying to replicate the sound of a reference track of a pianist on youtube who uploads piano covers. He uploads tutorials on a seperate channel for his piano covers that are not mastered. He told me he uses waves plugins. I decided to download the raw audio and compare it to the mastered cover so i can hear what he’s using. So far I figured out I need to use the p22 stereo maker, nls summing, maxxbass, submarine, trans-x, maxvolume and fab filter pro G. But there is something missing that is very very noticable. The reference track sounds huge, bright, full, energetic and loud ( compressor doesnt achieve the loudness Im hearing) but no matter what I do with any other plugin it doesnt achieve it. The one thing Im yet to find the correct plugin for is the reverb. Can reverb really make this sound Im describing? The user guide for the IR 1 series mentions something about pre processed synthetic IRs in the extended library. What are your thought? Ive tried EQ, multiband compression, harmonics you name it but it is impossible to get the sound, there is a plugin that Im missing.I could upload the raw and mastered audio for someone to take a closer listen, but it says “ new users cant upload audio files”

I have to admit that this might be a particularly easy thing to solve as it could be a number of things.

Although, consider that you have both MaxxBass and Submarine, those things are deigned to improve your bottom end bass, but too much use of those will make everything seem less bright. So “overuse” which is easy to do, could be one reason.

MaxxVolume will help create more consistent levels, reign in all the peaks, bring up the softer levels allowing you to create an overall louder signal, but over use of that will remove some of the necessary dynamics which would make it sound less loud. That’s another thing.

Compressors don’t inherently make things louder, that’s misleading especially when everyone keeps saying that. In fact, that “make louder signals softer”, regulating the levels more, making them more consistent, then you as a user “turn it up” to compensate. They can also be used to help shape the attacks and/or sustain of a sound, so thy often get employed as a “shaping” tool.

IRs are essentially reverb, generally they wont help make a signal louder or brighter, although there are unconventional “tricks”, though I would highly doubt that this is what is being done.

So here’s what I suggest trying first, less MaxxBass, less Submarine, less MaxxVollume, and a little more turning up your overall volume so that it’s not quite hitting 0dB. See if it gets you closer. :wink:

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I dont think its maxxbass or submarine doing this because I have set them to sound the same as the reference track, my mistake I dont think its brighter its just huge and has so much power. a bit difficult to explain is it possible to send you both audio files. one with the current plugins I have on the track and the other being the mastered one?

Now thing I forgot to mention is that its possible that “parallel” compression could be used here. In essence that kind of what MaxxVolume does, but the other guy may have also used something else in parallel.

For brighter, there is always simply using an eq. Try a shelving boost around 5k and up.

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Ive tried parallel compression and eq.

Ok Ive been trying to get this sound for years but he is doing something completely different and I need someone to hear it but the forums wont let me upload any audio files.

hey @brendon.james413,

Check out the forum trust level system: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

I have bumped you up to Level 1 - so now you should be able to upload the audio file - please proceed :slight_smile:

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Many times it’s not so much a what you’re using, but “how” you’re using it. There’s actually a very good chance you have all the right pieces of gear/plugins, it’s how you’re using them that can make all the more difference. It can be night and day.

Although, having said that, have you considered some kind of saturation. Something not as subtle as NLS, well, unless you’re pumping the drive up on that. Perhaps something like Abbey Road Saturater or the Aphex is what you need here??

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It’s not the abbey road saturator or the Aphex, also tried the Aphex on an aux send… doesn’t seem to work. I discovered Maxxvolume is not used. The sound that I’m trying to achieve has some sort of parallel processing or a clever routing. Although I have tried combining EQ and compression in parallel but no luck.

The first audio file is the raw audio, the second is the mastered and the third is his blooper videos which he uploads after his failed takes, the first audio is his tutorial and has different settings on the VST so it’s easier to hear exactly what he is playing for people to learn the song, his bloopers are on the same settings as the mastered audio. The mastered audio sounds bigger, powerful, louder and is a lot more complex and fuller.

so far I am using: um225, Nls, Maxxbass, trans-x, p22, submarine and Pro g.

I don’t know which reverb to use… it sounds like the manny maroquin reverb but I’ve tried and it doesn’t sound right. I’ve tried every reverb. I don’t know what to do with the EQ and Compression but I think it has something to do with the parallel processing.

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After hours and months of trial and error I have discovered that to get this sound I must create a send, insert Altiverb 7 followed by another Maxxvolume and then the Aphex exciter.

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That’s interesting. The reverb must be really prominent in this case.

Auxes are often the preferred way to deal with reverb as it gives the flexibility to process it independently of the main sound, just as you have done, Sharing reverbs between a few elements in the mix can also help conserve your resources.

Good to hear you found the sound you were looking for, or st least got close. :wink:

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