Lv1 Waves Tune Real Time InEar Monitor Issue for the Singer

As soon as Waves Tune Real Time is activated the singers hear themselves as if they were double.
Do you know why?
One consideration was now to double their channels within LV1. One channel would be for the PA with Tune Real Time - the other would be only for the IEM without Tune Real Time, so they can hear themselves without Tune real time.

But maybe the solution lies somewhere else.
Do you have any suggestions

From the Channel page for the vocalist, you could just set their AUX monitor send as INP rather than the default PRE. Then they will just get clean signal with no eq, inserts, etc.

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Thank you! :raised_hands:
That’s what I am doing right now! But it would also be nice, if the singer could benefit from the processing like eq and Comp. Just leaving out auto tune!
Or is it common to just give them the INP?

If I really needed to send a processed signal to the IEM, I would probably relocate the pitch correction plug to an aux and route the channel output to that. Lots of ways to approach the problem. it all kinda depends on what else is going on in your mix, available aux, etc.

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