Internal sidechain HPF on SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

Many of the world’s best engineers, who share content on YouTube, still rely on the Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, when they want that sound ITB, despite many other, newer plugin options out there. If Waves added an internal sidechain HPF ( and perhaps even a stereo unlink knob ), maybe as a kind of “advanced” option that only reveals itself when you click a button, that already great plugin would become absolutely insane! Please support this request guys and gals. Thank you!


Hey, that’s a good feature request. I like your concept of making it an advanced rollout, because the simplicity of SSL G-Master Buss Compressor is certainly part of its appeal.

But to your point, Waves has added that internal sidechain processing to at least several of their plugins.

I use it in Scheps Omni Channel & AR TG Mastering Chain and it’s as fantastic as you would imagine. I’m pretty sure RS124 can do it, too.

And to your point about a stereo-unlink knob — in those other plugins, Waves gives you three options: Stereo > Duo > M/S

“Duo” is basically stereo-unlink… Like two mono compressors. It’s great for rear bus style parallel compression because you don’t get an overreaction triggered by hardpanned instruments.

Have you ever tried M/S compression? It can have a particularly interesting effect on the stereo width!

Anyhow, that’s a good request that would expand the usability of this compressor.

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A Mix knob for easy parallel compression would be a great idea too.

As Sam was alluding to, the Duo mode is Wave’s implementation of a stereo unlink feature. Another approach you can try is running the plugin as a “dual mono” instance, if your DAW supports it and then link/couple the controls so they behave a the one plugin. That is also effectively the same as stereo unlink capability.

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