Your Go To Waves Plugins?

What are your ‘go to’ Waves plugins in the studio?

Pretty much my go to Waves products are IMP, the various CLA products and MaxxBass. Almost every one of my projects includes all 3 of those in various ways.

I also love Codex quite a bit! I’ve been using that in lieu of both Massive and Zeta. It kind of fills the shoes of both of those in many cases!

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hey Yishai. Welcome to everyone on the new forum. Great to have a discussion board here too. My go to Waves plugs? No such thing :slight_smile: I use what works from the great Waves selection in the project that I am doing at the time. In mastering for example I use an established mastering chain that includes a final compressor. That compressor can be a Puigchild 670 if the project is a bit dull and needs brightening, a Vcomp if it is a solid set of mixes needing just that little bit of extra strength or the SSL Comp if it is a gentle set of mixes such as classical that needs that little bit of compression and ‘gluing’. I also always experiment with other compressors depending on the sonic qualities of the mixes before settling on the final choice. The idea of course is to acquaint yourself with all your Waves plugs so you’ll have an intuitive feel for what you need.


I tend to not have too many gotos. I don’t believe in limiting myself to doing the same thing the same way, for the most part.

C6 and F6 are definitely good when you have need for them. F6 is my only dynamic eq, well outside the two that are in C6, so it’s kind of a no brainer. Though I do have a couple of multibands, but C^ is deftly called upon when I need it side chained as the others don’t have that facility.

Center is good for manipulating stereo spreads a bit as it does things I haven’t seen in another plugin.

The Buckets in CLA MixHub make it the best choice if I need to pull a mix together fast as it’s workflow shaves off time from conventional plugin mixing.

I’m pretty much the same. I have to be honest I’ve got so many plugins these days I tend to pick one that I think will do the job. If it does then great, if not then I’ll pick something else. I used to find I missed out on a lot of plugins and alternative techniques when I always went for the same one for the same job.


Hi. I do have favorites instead of go-to’s (:wink:), but they’re not used in every project.
RS56, F6, Sheps Omni Channel, R-Comp, MV2, and R-Vox are the most used ones, in that order.
All the best.

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What I definitely use in every project is NX and WLM+. They just live on my control room channel.

(for those who don’t know and curious, Control Room in Cubase is a kind of aux on the master that goes to monitoring output but does not render into the master.)

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I’ve created a Mix and a Bypass Aux within Logic, that are then fed to the Main Out. I use the Bypass for referencing and other miscellaneous things, My metering goes on the Main Out, so it can be used in both instances.

Unfortunately this technique doesn’t help in taking NX out of the “render pass”. If you have more than one stereo out, you can set up the other for that task, but my interface doesn’t, unfortunately. It was a cheaper one I got for the interim, because my last interface fried while trying to use it in one of our characteristically “hot” summer days, here in Australia.

That was several years ago and I still haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

I would say all of the CLA plugins, API, H-Series, PuigTec, J37, and have really been digging Flow Motion lately.


@dnbpleaze what do you use PuigTec on?

PuigTec has some very quick attack times, so it can be good to use non really transient material. Especially if it needs some "fattening up. It can help bring elements forward in a mix, but not everything you want up front.

Some people even use it just as a “through box” just to get the harmonic goodness out of it, but not actually compress with it. I’ve seen Andrew Scheps do that, but there are others out there.


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