CR8 Sampler, Select a Drive Instead of a Folder

I can’t believe this was missed in development.

So many producers (including myself, obviously) keep all their samples on a hard drive.

I have a hard drive with over a hundred folders of samples.

Am I expected to individually add a hundred different folders to the CR8 Sampler? That’s silly.

I have an internal H: drive that contains all the samples and libraries that I use frequently. I’d like to be able to just select the drive before using the CR8 Sampler because I’m worried about the ramifications of adding a hundred folders to the sampler, using it in projects, then removing those folders when drive support is implemented and having those projects break.

Plus adding 100+ folders would be a crazy waste of time.

Ive discovered that adding a few folders at a time is more effective at adding samples without Comos becoming unresponsive for such long period of time.

It’s a bit more work, but its a more functional approach.