"Please locate Waves 9.x Plugins folder"

Hi, I have a new computer and I re-installed an older Waves V9 demo that i Have saved on a DVD disc. And it didn’t work on the new computer and Cakewalk Bandlab, maybe because of 32bit and Bandlab is 64bit. So I uninstalled Waves V9 demo.

Now each time I try to open Cakewalk Bandlab I am having this error “Please locate Waves 9.x Plugins folder”.

I tried everything after reading topics and watching youtube about this problem but I cannot solve it.

Any help please?


First, It’s always recommended to install using the latest versions.
this is relevant for Waves Central Online installations as well as legacy versions.

The issue should be resolved if you will conduct a file search on your system for the term “Waveshell” and delete every finding.

If you need any further assistance, I suggest you contact support, and they will provide you with the relevant steps to uninstall - reinstall Waves on your system.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes I also did a file search and deleted everything but still am having the problem!

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Please make sure to contact support. They’ll assist you to solve this local issue.