Installing 9.x with Waves Central 10

Shot in the dark here but worth a try.

As documented on the Waves support pages as well as extensively discussed in a GearSlutz thread, I am attempting to install my Waves 9.2 plugins using the latest edition of Waves Central.

The GL post id is: 1238971-waves-central-v9-mojave

I have followed the steps outlined under Install Waves v9.6 here on three different workstations (Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra). I can’t post links but if you search for “how to roll back to waves 9.6” you’ll find the correct support page.

Waves Plugins are installed at /Users/Shared/Waves/Waves\ Plugins\ V9

and the WavesShell at:


It appears the plugin resources have installed to appropriate directories. I’ve moved my licenses from the cloud to the local workstation in each case. Unfortunately, in all three cases the plugins simply won’t appear in my DAWs (Live and Logic).

My understanding is that Waves 9.x plugins can be installed with WC 10 using the offline installer files. Am I missing or misunderstanding something here?

I’m not on WUP so my support options are limited.

Hi @minorscience, Welcome to the Waves Forum!

First of all, you can contact our support team at any time via the contact form here.

They will answer and assist as much as they can. Not being covered by WUP, they will not offer to connect to your system and troubleshoot online, It does not mean they will not assist.

Users/Shared/Waves/Waves\ Plugins V9 should be a shortcut to /Applications/Waves/ Plugins V9
if they are actually installed there - the software is not installed correctly, in that case I would remove everything and start over - but I strongly suggest opening a ticket with support to sort this out.

You can indeed install 9.6 software using the offline installer provided here and Waves Central.

The WPAPI shell is for SoundGrid hosts, what SoundGrid Host / DAW do you use?

Let us know how it goes!

Did you try running the AU Reg Utility found in Applications/Waves/WaveShells V9??

Also, what version of Logic are you running?? At some point it went 64-bit plugins only, so make sure that the Waves plugins are compatible with it.