Playlist Rider needs some tweaks

Hello there,

i think playlist rider ist what is needed theese days. But…

It missing:

  1. range selector to prevent unwanted extreme up/down riders
  2. quick comp/peak reaction to unexpected volume peaks
  3. lookahead feature
  4. very slow release time (in seconds)

We try use it as music rider to keep loudness of music as consistent as possible, but playlist rider still act very slow at attack and very quick at release for this purpose.

Reason for 4 points above:

  1. target is not enough sometimes is expected to keep some dynamics of the song/content so range can fix this
  2. extreme peaks like heavy drums intro is not catch by default attack so need to be handled separately in another plugin in chain, why?
  3. lookahead can predict behavior of the song (is similiar as fast attack but better)
  4. if the song have “quiet part” playlist rider starts pushing volume to the extremes because it does not have “range” and have quick release time. After quiet part heavy drums part dial in and vuala playlist riders does not react quickly because have slow attack time… and ■■■ is toooooooo loud for secods. We thinkg that need way way slower release time to do not pump the song back and forth.

Thank you waves!

PS: We found very similar plugin called “Powair”, but is not possible to use it in Waves LV1 system.

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