Butterfly Effect for New Plugin

Hello Waves Audio handle user! My name is Eugine, I am a producer who has an idea for a plugin but i didn’t know where to pitch it so I’m pitching it to waves cause your plugins are A1​:fire::fire::fire:
What if we decided to create a Butterfly Effect(No…not like travis scott lol)

We look for a stereo widener/stereo shaper, tune it to a mix in the board( be it the main melody or a section - like a synth) Then make a fader effect, make it sound like the Hass Effect in some type of way…Then we automate the stereo shaper, now here’s the magic, make it seem as flying away
Mono to stereo to widen and shut the mix, but we pan it away from the ears of the listener. So it seems like its fading away in some sort of apart and togetherness pattern, in layman lingo.

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That’s an interesting idea bro.

There might be a way to set it up yourself using the StudioRack plugin and chaining a few effects together. If you tie in the key controls to one Macro it would then be quite simple to automate the effect… in theory. :thinking:

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Yeah but imagine if they made a time saving plugin with multiple presets for different effects…that would also save from overstacking automations

Yeah all true. The trouble is I don’t make the plugins, so I’m not the one you need to convince. I’m just a regular cat that visits this site much like you.

I don’t really know their process in how they decide what they make, unfortunately. Otherwise I’d give you some suggestions. Although, usually their plugins are good for more than one thing. So your idea would be like a preset or a feature in a bigger plugin. Have a look at Brauer Motion for example. I don’t think you can use it in the way you’d suggest, but look at all the different type of effects you can achieve with it.

So maybe if you came up with a bigger idea that can be used for serial types of effects but also incorporates your original idea, maybe, it might inspire them to make it MAYBE. :thinking:

Just a thought.