🎙️ NEW! Content Creator Audio Toolkit

Featuring the new Playlist Rider plugin
NEW! Content Creator Audio Toolkit
Improve the audio quality of your podcasts, videos & live streams with the best tools in the industry
Poor audio quality is a major reason viewers abandon videos, podcasts, and live streams. Don’t treat audio as an afterthought – rely on Waves’ easy-to-use plugins to boost your content with superior audio quality

Win Your Audience’s Attention

Creative Vocal Tuning in Real Time

Learn how popular YouTuber & podcaster Mike Russell uses the Waves Content Creator Audio Toolkit to clean noise, brighten his voice, smooth out levels, and meet loudness standards for all content platforms – in literally seconds.

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Featuring the new Playlist Rider plugin

Included in the Content Creator Audio Toolkit, the new Playlist Rider automatically adjusts the volume of multiple audio sources (host, guests, music) in real time, to ensure levels are consistent throughout your video, podcast or live stream.

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Playlist Rider is available separately, as well as in the new Content Creator Audio Toolkit. It is also included in the Mercury, Pro Show, and SD7 Pro Show bundles: if you already own one of these bundles with a current Waves Update Plan, you may update the bundle and get Playlist Rider free of charge

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