Owning two copies of the same plugin

I use one computer for recording and mixing and a different computer for mastering. Instead of buying the update plan every year, can I buy two copies of the same plugin and use a different copy on each computer?

Welcome to the forum. Sure. I own two copies of Mercury…bought years before there was a second license option. I still pay for maintenance every year, just because I like staying current and supporting the cause. So, yes, you will have 2 copies and can assign them to different machines.


If you were planning ing to get a second copy, Black Friday would most likely be the time to do it!!

But then, paying WUP annually may just work out more cheaply. They also offer other incentives, like exclusive online workshops. Not to mention you plugins will always be up to date, so if there is big change to an OS or a DAW, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Something to consider at least.

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Thanks. I just upgraded my DAW and my current versions of Waves plugins work great. My problem is that the updates for the plugins that I use on both computers will cost me 60.00 for one year of the second subscription. If I purchase those same plugins (at current prices), it would cost me 90.00 and I wouldn’t have to pay the yearly fee unless a significant update happens. It wouldn’t take more than a year and a half to make the second license purchase worthwhile. I like Waves plug-ins, but am disappointed with the marketing practice of turning a second license into what amounts to an annual subscription. I appreciate your response and now have to weigh the benefits vs. the drawbacks.