Multiple Machine Authorization

I think it’s pretty common a workflow to have at least more than 1 machine when making music. Perhaps a production computer and also a studio tracking/mixing computer. If so, and especially if you are current with your WUP, I feel like it should be possible to authorize 2 machines. If not at the exact same time, at least using them differently so that you can not have to constantly move a USB stick or log into the Waves Central to move license from machine to machine. Most all manufactures give you multiple seats on new software, and that’s without charging an ongoing service charge. If not that, at least SIGNIFICANTLY discount buying “mirror licenses” so you can have them on both machines. Many of us are having to use “remote” rigs and are away from a studio set up at this time. It would be a big help to work flows.


Hi @wadayagonado, thanks for the suggestion, this is a popular one and we have been listening.

It is possible to buy a multi-license when you buy a new plugin. There’s a box you check somewhere when purchasing. However, I can’t say how much more expensive that would get. It may even be cheaper just buying 2 separate licenses on sale.

Although, I do agree that multi-licenses are the norm these days. I figured even if Waves just offered 2 licenses (work/home or desktop/laptop), it would still be more convenient than one. Even if they ended up having to increase their sale price another $10 or so dollars.

For the record, I’m actually not in the position where I need it myself, but I can relate to the problem.


Good news about that second license…

Basically, Waves are now introducing a second license with their plugins for no additional cost. Well there does seem to be one caveat, that second license will only work while your WUP is valid. But on the plus side there is exclusive access to new plugin deals and Waves pro-level masterclasses.

Given that you get a voucher to the value or your WUP as well, that certainly sounds to me like it’s worth the price of admission

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I think it’s fair enough. Great to have the option IMO

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