I did not read specs before buying. OVOX Voice to MIDI in LOGIC does not work. Waves team needs to add a workaround or create a plug in that does. imitone and others can do it so no reason why Waves team cant figure it out

The problem will most likely lie in Logic. As brilliant as it is, like all other DAWs, it has a small handful of things that could be done better. Midi Controlled Effects is one of them.

Logic can’t pass midi information in or out of plugins. Automation information, but not midi. The only way you can pass midi to an effect is by using midi controlled effects. Even then it has to be inserted on an instrument track and will only work as the first insert.

Midi Controlled effects is cumbersome and really problematic. It was introduced like 20 years ago or something. I really think that its been long enough and Apple should readdress it and make it possible for any plugin to read and send midi.