Ovox configuration with Studio One 4.5


I find this page that explain how to set up Ovox on some DAW but not in Studio One

Can you explain me how to control the OVox vocoder with MIDI in Studio One 4.5 ?
Thanks to all

this article will be posted very soon, but in the meantime:

How to control OVox Vocoder with MIDI in Studio One :

  1. Create an audio track and import or record your vocal signal.

  2. Search for OVox in your insert plugins list and open it on the audio track.

  3. Create an instrument track, set OVox as your instrument, and your MIDI controller as the input.

  4. Inside OVox, make sure ‘Note Source’ is set to Auto or MIDI.

  5. Play audio and MIDI from both tracks simultaneously for vocal synthesis / vocoder sounds, or load a Synth preset.

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