Ovox MIDI out for elektron synth


My intention is to control an elektron synth with my voice. I am attempting the usage of WAVES OVOX to do so, because of its purported MIDI out functionality. However, when I open OVOX’s midi menu, “MIDI out” is grayed out. I am wondering why this is the case and how I may remedy our present situation. Opening the mac’s Audio MIDI Setup app, both MIDI in and out appear functional for this device. Also its internal setting is on “usb MIDI” mode. I have activated “MIDI out” from the OVOX’s front panel, so to speak—yet in the audio preferences it remains grayed out.


Hi Falcon and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Make sure that MIDI Out is indeed supported with the DAW application you are using.
You can see this information in the Supported Hosts tab on the product page of the plugin.

In case it is supported, feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your setup.

Thanks Gurik!

I was using Waves as a standalone application.

Are you sure that it has a Midi Out option??

I can’t see the option myself, although I’m on a Mac myself.

Definitely. I have it working in Lite. There are two “MIDI” outs in Ovox V12: one in preferences and one on the expanded view.

V 12.7

Thank you for elaborating @falconclv ,
In the standalone version of the plugin MIDI Out is not optional.

MIDI Out in real time (including Voice-to-MIDI), is only optional on hosts (DAW applications) that support MIDI Out.

Thanks for clarifying that Gurik!

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Yeah I had a “dumb moment” and thought that was an audio out. :confounded:

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