OVOX for pitch correction

can OVOX also be used for plain pitch correction? Could it for example replace a plugin like waves tune real time?

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I’m pretty sure it can correct pitch from memory, but it’s correction algorithm wouldn’t be the quality of WavesTune.

It’s more designed to do that artificial synth voice thing in real time than it is to do a high quality natural voice correction thing. The latter tends to require more sophisticated algorithms that often introduce too much latency for live use. Although WavesTune RT has a good go at the low latency thing, it just has to go some of the more advanced features. :thinking:

So you could still use the Ovox to correct pitch, I think, it might even be good enough, but it wouldn’t be the best quality for realism.


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@simon.a.billington is right.
Ovox was designed to be used as a voice-controlled synth and vocal effects processor.

For pitch correction - Waves Tune products are the ones you’re looking for.

Alright, thank you for the info and your replies!


I think I can see what you’re were trying to do, one tool to rule them all?? Something that will both be artistic and creative as well as allow you to do high quality correction

…that’s certainly how I would think.

One day maybe. Waves certainly has the algorithms for it now. However, I envisage a bundle more than an ultimate vocal processing plugin. Still, you never know. :wink:

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I would also like to be able to use OVOX to output midi notes (including pitch bend) without any pitch correction from voice, to control a plugin synth that supports MPE.

I don’t know if its capable of doing that. Not that I have seen at least. It wasn’t really designed as an audio to midi translation plugin.

Its actually designed to take the notes YOU give it and manipulate the synthesis engine based on those notes.